Working Group 1 -Approaches and Definitions of Climate Smart Forestry (CSF)


WG1 will aim at finding a common definition about the concepts of CSF and “smartness” of European mountain forests according to the sustainability of forest management, the forest adaptive potential to Climate Change (CC) and its mitigation potential based on literature review, historical data and contact with stakeholders experienced in smart forests. The discussion will consider the “smartness” for example with respect to the managed and not managed forests, with respect to the montane and subalpine forests and will consider also the system boundary in the definition to join a common understanding on the European level.

WG1 Tasks

  • development of a common definition of CSF by way of a multidisciplinary confrontation on what
  • the characterizing criteria of CSF are;
  • identification of measurable parameters between the sustainability of forest management,
  • forest adaptive potential to CC and mitigation potential to CC which allow to define the
  • “smartness” of mountain forests;
  • production of a checklist of parameters of “smartness” for mountain forests for a common
  • language between all the member of the groups;
  • classification of European mountain forests according to different “smartness” classes.

Leader:            Andrew Weatherall Department of Science, Natural Resources and Outdoor Studies. University of Cumbria, Ambleside – United Kingdom

Deputy:          Violeta Velikova – Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Bl. 21 – 1113 Sofia – Bulgaria