Working Group 4 – Climate-Smart innovative schemes of Payment for Environmental Services (PES)

WG4 will aim at defining a system of PES suitable for mountain forest regions considering the recent literature and the different methodological approaches applied in different European regions and countries. This WG will also provide inputs for the individuation of the criteria for the definition of the economic instrument for the payment of the ES provided by the smart forests.

WG 4 Tasks

  • Definition of the more appropriate methodologies for the valuation of FES in mountain regions through a review of the recent literature for the European Mountain Regions
  • Review of the PES schemes already active in mountain regions in order to define the more suitable and climate-smart for European forest
  • The estimation of the cost of provision for FES in European mountain regions and the definition of the economic instruments for ES payment, such as property tax reductions as a compensation for the ES provided by the smart forests

Leader:            Tatiana Kluvankova – CETIP Ireas Racianska 25 – 831 02 Bratislava – Slovakia

Deputy:            Joao AzevedoInstituto Politecnico de Braganca Campus Sta. Apolonia, Apartado 1172 – 5301-854 Braganca – Portugal