Working Group 2 -European Smart FOrests NETwork (ESFONET)

Working Group 2 -European Smart FOrests NETwork (ESFONET)



WG2 will aim at identifying  experimental forest sites with available data to be used to quantify the “smartness” of mountain forests. Taking advantage of the current research infrastructures CLIMO will build the European Smart Forest Network (ESFONET). Once the sites have been selected, data will be used to classify the forests within different classes of “smartness”.

WG2 Tasks

  • collection of information about experimental sites (i.e., inventory) with set of forest and environmental measurements strategically distributed across major geographic, climatic and vegetation gradients in Europe, where existing long-term data can characterise smart forests in Europe;
  • selection of the research sites which will be part of the ESFONET;
  • classification of ESFONET sites according to different classes of “smartness”.


Leader:            Miren del RioINIA Ctra de la Coruna km 7,5 – 28040 Madrid- Spain

Deputy:            Hans PretzschTechnische Universitat Munchen Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan Lehrstuhl fur Waldwachstumskunde – 85354 Freising – Germany